Jewel Life Uncommon

Jewel Life Uncommon

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  1. Jewel Life Uncommon (4:57 min)
  2. Life Uncommon By Jewel (4:57 min)
  3. Jewel Life Uncommon Live4 (5:03 min)
  4. Jewel Life Uncommon 7/25/1999 Woodstock 99 East Stage Official (4:46 min)
  5. Life Uncommon (4:57 min)
  6. Jewel Life Uncommon (3:35 min)
  7. Jewel Life Uncommon (5:00 min)
  8. Life Uncommon By Jewel (4:35 min)
  9. Jewel Life Uncommon La (4:48 min)

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